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I Called Your Name


I called the sun and he answered me
I called the moon and she treasured me
I called the stars and they cried for me
When I called your name only silence came back to me.

I called the earth and she befriended me
I called the sky and she watched over me.
I called the seas and they refreshed me.
When I whispered your name only silence came back to me.

I called the wind and he carried me
I called the fire and he lit for me
I called the animals and they sang for me
When I spoke your name only silence came back to me.

I’ve seen you pass with my very eyes
I’ve seen you smile and my heart just sighs

Extreme judgments


Before judging others,
Make sure you have the right to do
It’s not easy to hurt someone
And break his heart in two
May be you have the right
And may be you don’t

What gave you the access to other minds and thoughts?
If you intend to hurt me,
I won’t give you the knife, you know
If you have two hands
Be sure, I have mine too

I’ll not be the dove,
You’ll not be the hawk
If you wanna hunt!!
Go back to the forest were you belong
But I’ll be here and always will be, certainly ready
So make sure you won’t bother me anymore.

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Restless heart


Oh my loving heart
Oh my dear me
Why for heaven’s sake
You insist on killing me.

Going after a tender look
Or a gentle whisper whatever it took

Breaking your own self in bits and pieces
If you want to commit suicide
Go for it alone
Why taking me with you?
If you had enough of life beats
I’m still willing to

I’m still young and I want to be free
There is no time left for you to waste
Look for other things to love
Other than chains of love
Love is so sweet
But there are other needs beside heat

Calm down you will have your time
It’s just that it’s not fitting now
I’m just a teen aged nineteen

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