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Love Poems After 1950

Extreme judgments


Before judging others,
Make sure you have the right to do
It’s not easy to hurt someone
And break his heart in two
May be you have the right
And may be you don’t

What gave you the access to other minds and thoughts?
If you intend to hurt me,
I won’t give you the knife, you know
If you have two hands
Be sure, I have mine too

I’ll not be the dove,
You’ll not be the hawk
If you wanna hunt!!
Go back to the forest were you belong
But I’ll be here and always will be, certainly ready
So make sure you won’t bother me anymore.

Now that you are gone


There is a pain in my heart
which was never there
Now that you are gone
I find the pain filling your absence.

Things were so nice when you were there
I had nothing but i had everything
now that you are for gone
i am searching for you in my loneliness

I am searching for the same bliss and fullness
which i found in your presence
now that you are gone
i have the bliss but i am empty

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Silver moon goddess


Pink crimson-gold sunset
followed by deep purple twilight
passing silently into
crystal moonbeamed night
of velvet dark softness
She, a goddess of silver sphere
delicate fingers drip azure diamonds
to wondering waiting world below
I, a goddess of red silk beauty
and jeweled emerald incadescence
worshiped by skillful hands and lips
of high priestly adoration

My love is a garden of deep
secret pools bathing the souls
of lovers in subtle warm pleasure
floating fragrant caress of
of white lily and aromatic oils
speak of my sweetest surrender
to him with whom my heart and soul

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