love poems for valentine’s day

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Love Poems For Valentines Day

Shadow Man


Every day i think of him and what we could of been
I’ve craved his touch day and night since I was a teen.

I know he feels the same as me, regret, pain and sorrow,
and now I can not wait to feel the lust we share tomorrow.

For he is in the shadows of every corner that I turn
begging me to be with him and fulfill our loving yearn

I’ve dreamed of him and wondered if he does love me
because I know the truth you see he craves this ecsatsy.

As I stroke and as I kiss his manly chest. His eyes wander over me, and I feel the caress of my tender full breast.

As I moan I whisper to him words I thought I dare not speak

My Mistake


One day a long time ago
I made an awful mistake.
Why, I just don’t know
but it’s caused a lot of heartache.
I was so angry and so scared
I didn’t know what to do.
Now you think that I never cared
and now I have lost you.
I don’t know how I could hurt you so bad
I loved you with all of my heart.
Now we are both alone and sad
because I have torn us apart.
I wanted us to be together forever
and you always said that we would.
But we couldn’t get past the stormy weather
I don’t know why I ever thought we could.
I guess sometimes you want something so badly
that you would do anything to get it.

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In Your Arms


When the flowers dance with morning breeze
My beloved gives me a hug with tight squeeze
Sensibility of affection gives such subtle balms
When you snugly take me in your beautiful arms

My heart flies away like a rose petal
Wafting in the air in an entranced waddle
In my heart love oozes through deepest fjords
Rests my heart and soul, where pure love flows

I am so protected form savage worldly blows
As if being loved and cared with all the cures
In your arms I feel so comforting and say
Promise to hold me forever, never go away

You melt me down with your tender embrace
Under the moonlight, distant stars, and craze

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