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Love Poems For Him

Shadow Man


Every day i think of him and what we could of been
I’ve craved his touch day and night since I was a teen.

I know he feels the same as me, regret, pain and sorrow,
and now I can not wait to feel the lust we share tomorrow.

For he is in the shadows of every corner that I turn
begging me to be with him and fulfill our loving yearn

I’ve dreamed of him and wondered if he does love me
because I know the truth you see he craves this ecsatsy.

As I stroke and as I kiss his manly chest. His eyes wander over me, and I feel the caress of my tender full breast.

As I moan I whisper to him words I thought I dare not speak

“Life Without You”

Ray Ostrander

Alone in hell, I have nowhere to turn
Memories of you, my love you spurn
Unseen forces brought us together
My heart is scarred, broken forever
In my dreams, I feel your touch
My heart is full, never so much
Time heals all wounds, this is a lie
My soul is lost, wanting to die
With broken pieces, I shall carry on
Crying forever with what’s left undone

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I’ll Make You Mine


When I don’t see you,
I feel so lonely,
I find many faces,
But I miss you only,

The moment you are before me,
Nothing else I want to see,
I want to be yours for always,
Nothing else I want to be,

I want to be left behind by time,
For a moment that last forever,
In that moment I’ll make you mine,
And our love will end never,

I’ll to look in your eyes,
And get inside your dreams,
Share your every thought,
And explore your realms,
I’ll enter your heart,
And get dissolve in your blood,
Then search your every part,
With the flow of blood stream,

I’ll run all over your body,

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