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Love Poems For Her

Destiny’s Path


Love is indeed a destiny
Until I found you I knew not love
you were sent to me from above
Occurring through first sight
The love continues to grow
With each passing day
They blend like green leaves with golden flowers
Into one beautiful and perfect whole

You see, very soon and my life will be over
Darkness has grown within me
And I’ll move on to whatever comes.
Destiny has taken place
I’ll leave behind all of the memories
That will make a few people smile and my love weep
And I want you to stop
And consider for awhile
What you’re doing to yourself and those around you.
This life is but once and it’s beautiful

In Your Arms


When the flowers dance with morning breeze
My beloved gives me a hug with tight squeeze
Sensibility of affection gives such subtle balms
When you snugly take me in your beautiful arms

My heart flies away like a rose petal
Wafting in the air in an entranced waddle
In my heart love oozes through deepest fjords
Rests my heart and soul, where pure love flows

I am so protected form savage worldly blows
As if being loved and cared with all the cures
In your arms I feel so comforting and say
Promise to hold me forever, never go away

You melt me down with your tender embrace
Under the moonlight, distant stars, and craze

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Shadow Man


Every day i think of him and what we could of been
I’ve craved his touch day and night since I was a teen.

I know he feels the same as me, regret, pain and sorrow,
and now I can not wait to feel the lust we share tomorrow.

For he is in the shadows of every corner that I turn
begging me to be with him and fulfill our loving yearn

I’ve dreamed of him and wondered if he does love me
because I know the truth you see he craves this ecsatsy.

As I stroke and as I kiss his manly chest. His eyes wander over me, and I feel the caress of my tender full breast.

As I moan I whisper to him words I thought I dare not speak

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