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Love Poems Fighting Conflict Sonnets

Destiny’s Path


Love is indeed a destiny
Until I found you I knew not love
you were sent to me from above
Occurring through first sight
The love continues to grow
With each passing day
They blend like green leaves with golden flowers
Into one beautiful and perfect whole

You see, very soon and my life will be over
Darkness has grown within me
And I’ll move on to whatever comes.
Destiny has taken place
I’ll leave behind all of the memories
That will make a few people smile and my love weep
And I want you to stop
And consider for awhile
What you’re doing to yourself and those around you.
This life is but once and it’s beautiful

“Life Without You”

Ray Ostrander

Alone in hell, I have nowhere to turn
Memories of you, my love you spurn
Unseen forces brought us together
My heart is scarred, broken forever
In my dreams, I feel your touch
My heart is full, never so much
Time heals all wounds, this is a lie
My soul is lost, wanting to die
With broken pieces, I shall carry on
Crying forever with what’s left undone

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Now that you are gone


There is a pain in my heart
which was never there
Now that you are gone
I find the pain filling your absence.

Things were so nice when you were there
I had nothing but i had everything
now that you are for gone
i am searching for you in my loneliness

I am searching for the same bliss and fullness
which i found in your presence
now that you are gone
i have the bliss but i am empty

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