love poems for my sweet working husband

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Love Poems For My Sweet Working Husband

Nothing Can Compare 2 “U”


The gentle breeze of the air around me,
The sound of the ocean slowly rolling,
The beauty of the sunset,
The feel of the sand as I walk along a beach,
Can never compare to you.

The sweet smell of a rose,
The kiss of the snow as it falls to the ground,
The bite of the rain as if falls on me spinning in the street,
The love of my family and friends,
Can never compare to you.

Nothing in this world,
Can compare to the way I feel for you..
The way I feel when I’m with you,
Nothing can compare to tour embrace,
I would give everything… to feel… this love,
The love you once had for me,

In Your Arms


When the flowers dance with morning breeze
My beloved gives me a hug with tight squeeze
Sensibility of affection gives such subtle balms
When you snugly take me in your beautiful arms

My heart flies away like a rose petal
Wafting in the air in an entranced waddle
In my heart love oozes through deepest fjords
Rests my heart and soul, where pure love flows

I am so protected form savage worldly blows
As if being loved and cared with all the cures
In your arms I feel so comforting and say
Promise to hold me forever, never go away

You melt me down with your tender embrace
Under the moonlight, distant stars, and craze

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Rising slowly from the east
Lighting the world with all its panache
Mighty sun’s caveats for inexorable yeast
I looked at the natures run with all its amaze

Water flowing through the stream
Euphonious sound with blinding gleam
Nothing to feign, just pure and pristine
The moon waning itself thin and lean

Sun flowers stretching their petals
Jewels of dewdrops strewn on the grassland
tranquil Ducklings dancing on their paddles
Incredulous beauty brimming of the wonderland

I catch the wonders in a glimpse of an eye
Shimmering brighter than the celestial sky
Dropping down from my eye like a tear of joy

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