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Love Poems By Robert Frost

Silver moon goddess


Pink crimson-gold sunset
followed by deep purple twilight
passing silently into
crystal moonbeamed night
of velvet dark softness
She, a goddess of silver sphere
delicate fingers drip azure diamonds
to wondering waiting world below
I, a goddess of red silk beauty
and jeweled emerald incadescence
worshiped by skillful hands and lips
of high priestly adoration

My love is a garden of deep
secret pools bathing the souls
of lovers in subtle warm pleasure
floating fragrant caress of
of white lily and aromatic oils
speak of my sweetest surrender
to him with whom my heart and soul

“Life Without You”

Ray Ostrander

Alone in hell, I have nowhere to turn
Memories of you, my love you spurn
Unseen forces brought us together
My heart is scarred, broken forever
In my dreams, I feel your touch
My heart is full, never so much
Time heals all wounds, this is a lie
My soul is lost, wanting to die
With broken pieces, I shall carry on
Crying forever with what’s left undone

Love Poems by Writers

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Language of Love


Oh honey.. don’t use the words
For they have lots of meanings

Chatter me by your eyes
I will not ever miss a meaning
We have reached mutual understanding
We are on the top, no need for landing

The Whisper of your heart is so clear
It needs no ears to be heard
Only need your hands to pull me near
So that I can be able to hear
Gentle whispers of your loving beats

Put my head on your shoulder
Put my hand near your heart
Let us have our private speech to start

Every beat is a different word
Every look conveys different thought
Talk to me darling I long to hear
Your heart’s language is so sheer

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